Gertrude Twilley Richardson


Women’s Suffrage Society

An exhibit can be found in The Swan Valley Historical Museum commemorating Gertrude Twilley Richardson who was instrumental in organizing the first “Women’s Suffrage Society ” in Manitoba on 22 March 1912 which existed until women got the vote in 1917.

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The dawn of a new era…

The Roaring River Suffrage Association was founded in March 1912, with both men and women as members. Gertrude was president and her sister Fannie Livesey was secretary. They thought they were the first suffrage group in Manitoba.

She also co-founded a Home Economics Society at which women exchanged recipes and learned about trade so they could understand and influence their husbands’ business dealings.

Nellie McClung came to Swan River and stayed with the Richardsons. She addressed a womens’ meeting in the afternoon and a packed meeting of both men and women in the evening.

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