St. Ellen's Roman Catholic Church
Served by Pastor Roy George Vazhaplankudiyil
Phone: 204-734-2850
Services: First and third Sunday 2 pm
St. Anne's Romon Catholic Church
Pastor Roy George Vozhaplonkudiyil
Phone: 204-734-2850
Service: 2nd & 4th Saturday, 4:00 pm
Living Word Tabernocle 319 Centennial Drive S. Pastor Rolf Boettcher Phone: 204-734-3836
Service: Sunday Prayer 9:45 am;
Morning Warship 10:30 am
Living Word Assembly
114 1st Street West
Rev. Magner Bremnes Phone: 204-734-6453
Services: Sunday 6:30 pm
First Baptist Church Pastor Steven Black Phone: 204-525-4226
Service: Sunday 11 :00 am
Lutheran ELCIC Church
201 Dixie Road
Pastor Bab Lewis
Phone: 204-734-3319 - Fax: 204-734-4200
Service: Every 2nd and 4th Sunday
Ukrainian Catholic Church Hwy #83 Phone: 204-539-2276
Alex Kurylowich
Father Ivan Derkach
Peoples Bible Church 292 Learners street Pastor Rob Falk Phone: 204-525-4231
Service: Summer 1 0:30 am
Swan Valley Mennonite Church
Pastor Dennis Barkman
Phone: 204-734-2128
Jerome Koehn
Phone: 204-734-5929 Lyle Penner 204-734-3595
Call for directions
Service: Sunday 1 0:45 am
United Church
148 1st Ave. 1 0:00 am
Rev. Kevin Sprong
Phone: 204-734-9479
c/o Alice Schneider Phone: 204-539-2805
Services: Sunday 11 :30 am
Knox United Church
Phone: 204-525-4972 c/o Barb Holms Service: Sunday 12:00 pm
Swan Valley Bible Fellowship
1694 Main Street E. Pastor Jakab Neufeld Phone: 204-734-4143
Service: Sunday 11 :00 am
Christian Fellowship Church
3rd Street, Birch River, MB
Church Contact: Bethany Matejka
Phone: 204-731-0664
Service: Every Sunday at 1 0:00 am
People's Bible Church Pastor Rob Falk Phone: 204-525-4231
Service: Sunday at 10:30 am
Pentecostal Tabernacle 224-8th Avenue North Pastor Reg Rivett
Office: 204-734-3948 Church: 204-734-3993 Service: Sunday 11 :00 am
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church Victoria Avenue
Pastor Roy George Vazhaplankudiyil
Phone: 204-734-2850
Service: Sunday 9:30 am
Little Woody Baptist Church
5½ miles West at 275 Ditch Road
Pastor Vlad Makyeyev
Service: Sunday 11 am and 7 pm
St. Columba's Roman Catholic Church
112-7th Ave. S.
Father Roy George Vazhaplankudiyil Phone: 204-734-2850
Services: Saturday 7 :00 pm & Sunday & 9:30 am
St. Aldhelm's Anglican Church Victoria Avenue, Birch River, MB
Phone: 204-734-2724
Service: Sunday 11 :00 am
St. Theresa's Roman Catholic Church
Pastor Roy George Vazhaplankudiyil
Phone: 204-734-2850
Services: 2nd & 4th Sunday 2:00 pm
Seventh Day Adventist Church
1200 1st St. S.
Roy Jamieson
Phone: 204-525-2642 Service: Saturday 11 : 15 am
Holy family Catholic Church
Pastor Ray George Vazhaplankudiyil Phone: 204-734-2850
Services: 1st & 3rd Sunday al the month at 5:00 pm
Country Church (Mennonite) c/o Sheldon Toews
Phone: 204-263-5262 Service: Sunday 10:30 am
Solid Rack Community Church
221 Main Street Pastor Cam Hart Phone: 204-734-9425
Service: Sunday 1 0:00 am
Knox United Church
Courtney Denson
Phone: 204-238-4984
Service: Sunday 10:00 am
Evangelical Church Pastor Mark Johnston Phone: 204-263-2122 C: 204-648-4817
Services: 11 :00am Sunday
St. Andrews United Church
514 1st St. N.
Phone: 204-734-3248 Service: Sunday 10.30
Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Phone: 204-524-2268 Father John Okasun
Service: Sunday 10:00 am
Orthodox Church of the Holy Cross Father Brent Kuzyk
Phone: 204-263-5245
c/o Elizabeth Kushnerek Services: June, August
St. James Anglican Church
1201 lstSt.S
Pastor : Bab Lewis Phane: 204-734-2724 Service: 1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday at 11 :00 am
Thomas Aquinas
Father John Okasun Service: Sunday 12:00 pm
St. Peter & St. Paul Raman Catholic
Father Jahn Okasun c/a Cathy Hancharyk Phone: 204-742-3556
Services: Summer -Saturday, 7 :00 pm, Winter -Sunday 2:30 pm
Temple Baptist Church
9th Avenue & First Street South
Pastor Neal Ella, Associate Pastor Rob Ter Horst Phone: Ter Horst 204-734-5147
Pastors Office: 204-734-3298
Office: 204-734-5610 - Fax: 204-734-4200 Service: Sunday 1 0:30 am
Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church Father Yaroslav Strukhlak
Phone: 204-548-2190
Service: once a year
St. Vladimir & Olga Ukrainian Catholic
Phone: 204-263-2143 c/o Darlene Nakonechny
Ukrainian Catholic Church Father Ivan Derkach 1306 2nd St. S.
Phone: Sylvia 204-734-4039 Services: May Vary
United Church Rev. Kevin Sprong
Phone: 204-734-9479 c/o Jane Beasley Service: 10:00 am
United Church Rev. Ed Loucks
Phone: 204-263-2643 c/o Debbie Soloway
Services: 4th Sunday of the month 1 0:30 am