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Drive From Mexico to Swan River HWY 83

The end of the road or the begging of a great adventure! Did you know that the world’s longest highways routes of 3300 klm and ends or begins in Swan River. Incorporated in 1908 Swan River acts as the hub to the surrounding communities in Swan Valley. Swan River is located on Highway 10 and at the beginning of Highway 83 which travels all the way down to Texas. Town office located at 439 Main St., Swan River. 204.734.4586 main@townsr.ca


Historic Destinations

  • Swan Valley Historical Museum and Heritage Village
  • Gertrude Twilley Richardson
  • Lumax Family Heritage Museum
  • Cowan Country School Museum
  • Harley House
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Pretty Valley Honey

Mr. and Mrs. Rinsdorf offer; by appointment, tours of the Honey Bee Farm including a hive set up behind glass so you can find the queen and learn about the honey comb.